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Janet TRAVELPIECE (Orenchuk)
August 12, 1959 Mahwah NJ USA Gourmet Food Consultant Married 3 Sure
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Cynthia Poulos
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May 27, 1959 Shrewsbury MA USA physician www.drpoulos.com Married 2 yes
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Janice Preschel
June 23 Teaneck NJ Social Worker Single yes!
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Julia Principe
October 03, 1960 NJ US
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Fred Reissig
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January 25, 1959 New York NY Network Admin / A/P Coord. Married Yes

Doing fine.  Married for 15 years and counting.  Parents still live on Oakdene Avenue, so I get back to Teaneck ocassionally.  My brother (1976) lives in Bergenfield

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Jo Ann Riniti
Capitola Ca. USA Psychologist Single 1 yes
So sorry to have missed this past reunion--it looks like a blast!  Thank you to the friends that came to visit Sophia and I at Beth's house!  Keep in touch. Send Jo Ann a MessageSend Jo Ann a Message
Ned Robinson
May 19, 1959 East Northport NY US Software Engineer Married 1
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Audrey Goldberg (Rudin)
December 15, 1959 Jericho NY Administrative Assistant Divorced 2
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Jeff Schwarz
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January 27 Oakland NJ USA Pharmaceutical Marketing Married 2 Yes
Webmaster of this website, our Facebook Group and on the reunion committee. Send Jeff a MessageSend Jeff a Message
Eric Shambroom
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April 11, 1959 Hamburg Germany commercial photographer www.hamburg-photo.com Committed Relationship 2
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